Pisces October 2016

The weather may be cooling off as summer turns to fall; but, you stoner Pisces will continue your successful hot streak.  While the seasons changing would traditionally cause a downturn in your energies, you will continue to rock steady.  This means that it will be best for you to complete any of your to-dos before the days become too short.  Maybe it’s taking that last hike of summer, or visiting that new restaurant that you’ve been waiting to try.  Perhaps your goal is to meet new smoking buddies to hang out through the harshness of winter.  Whatever your aspirations are, you will have immense likeliness for success, so don’t wait–just make it happen.

It will be important to take that time to hike, or indulge in delicious foods or extra special herb.  Because those closest to you will require an immense amount of your time and energies.  But, don’t worry Pisces, there will be enough of you to go around.  Just remember that it is ultimately up to you as to where you invest yourself.  So, there will be no reason to feel bad if you can’t get to everyone.  Prioritize who is most in need of a friend with green–everyone will benefit from your efforts but you get to decide how many folks you will affect with your generosity and talents.
The one area you don’t want to skimp on is your significant other (if you have one).  This can also apply to family or friends closest to you.  Your positivity is contagious, but if you project the negative it can haze up a pleasant interaction with unexpected consequences.  If you need that little break, say maybe a smoke break to enjoy a sunset or a stroll to rest and reset, take it.  It will pay off, in the long run, to take those small moments to enjoy yourself.  

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