Scorpio June 2015

Stoner Scorpio June will be filled with successes and failures.  Both can be positive if you choose to stay kind and level headed.  My advice is to keep the medibles to a minimum and stick to a nice hybrid for your times of contemplation and celebration.  When you feel the upsurge of success in one area of your life you will feel the down swing in another.  Hold tight as the month can and will pull you out even if you’re wise.

The majority of your most celebrated success will come from your work Scorpio.  You will find you are capable of much more than you ever thought.  Your responsibilities will increase and you will shine because of it.  If you need a break at work meditate with a vape of your favorite hybrid.  You will then see that your new found capabilities will bring much needed self respect that helps to keep you calm and collective during all your working hours.  Your perspective will burst open around mid month and you will see a much bigger picture for your future.  Remember when helping others you must first make sure you’ve helped your self and all things will go smoothly this June.

Your best bud will be your source of stability this month my smoking Scorp.  You will need them to give advice and they will need you to be open to the positivity they can shine on you.  You will need them because times will be stressful on your love front.  Many of the issues that will arise in June are due to mistakes you’ve made in the past.  You will need to finally learn from them before you can move on.  After your realizations, your main job will be to help your partner realize that all things can be worked out.  Be kind and patient and whatever you do be mindful of the words that you spew.  Any slight from you now will cause an explosion.  Try talking things out during a nice peace pipe session.  For my single Scorpio’s take the high road this month with potential lovers.  You will find it liberating without offending the doors that are open.  

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