Libra May 2015

Stoner Libra, are you so full of life this month!  No negative influences will be able to hinder the incredible positive energies thriving inside of you at this current stage in your life. Use these energies proficiently and you will thrive.

Your career and your financial situation are both going to receive tremendous boosts, but don’t expect to have it come to you for free.  Even though it feels as if the universe is looking out for you during this time; you will not be able to rely on the flow of all the good things happening to carry you on it’s back.  Success is in the books for you, but it directly relies on how much you work you are willing to put in for it.  Nobody is going to load that bowl for you.  It’s time to turn your brain on, and get to work on those big projects awaiting you.  Mindless actions will not get you very far.

During the first ten days in May, you may have to make some definitive decisions.  These may seem insignificant to those around you, but do not dismiss what is truly important to you and your future.  Everything you do today shapes your tomorrow.  While a decision is necessary, be sure to think it through before you take any affirmative action.  If you are in a relationship, it might be time to decide what is most important to you:  Your relationship and the life you have together, or your own personal happiness and the life you desire to have.  Any decisions that you need to make should be made before the new Moon on the 18th.  If left alone, the issues at hand will become much worse and much more difficult to resolve.  Thus potentially interfering with your ability to handle much more important things in your life that truly do need your attention.

If you are alone, do not fear.  This gives you just enough time to prepare yourself to meet someone new.  Whether it’s a new cannabis companion or a new love interest, you are surely to meet someone around the third ten day period of May.  Be sure to make yourself available.


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