Cancer May 2015

Dearest Cancer, May will be an enigmatic time for you.  You will feel the universe pulsating through you in very empathetic ways.  If you are utilizing the medical properties of the sacred herb for psychological benefits:  Don’t leave home without it.  On that note this is not the month to change up your regimen.  Stick with the stains that work best for you.

Work will prove to have many circumstances that  make you feel held back.  Remember you are capable.  You can work through this.  Stay positive no matter what is thrown at you.  This is not a time to slack!  Throw yourself into your work and show your co-workers and competition your strength by doing.  Keep your vape loaded for when you arrive home; as you will need to take time each day to reflect on what is happening around you.  My stoner Cancer, your working world will be complicated for some time.  Keep your wits about you and continue to lay the best foundation you can.  Eventually this will be your springboard into a much more profitable and enjoyable work environment.

Praise the universe in May as you will have luck, harmony and love on your side.  Your personal relationships will shine this fine spring month!  In the realm of a lovership be prepared for an astonishing and lavish feeling to touch both your souls.  It is a time for celebration!  Take a vacation, hit up the closest festival or go bungee jumping off the tallest building you can find.  It may be the first time you’ve ever felt this way.  Make sure you never forget it!

That being said, do not put off your loved ones!  Make sure you give them the time and connection to you that they are asking for.  They need you this month too. So while you may want to go gallivanting across the country, go home for Sunday dinner on Mother’s Day.

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