Sagittarius May 2015

Stoner Sagittarius, it’s a big world out there, go and get it.  There is discovery around every twist and turn.  This month will be a good one to allow yourself to stumble across all things new.  Smoking sessions in the great outdoors will be highly meditative, but be mindful to take your time on developing opinions on what it is you find, over scrutinizing your discoveries can be counterproductive.  While the outdoors will definitely allow you to breathe a little bit easier, it won’t provide you a complete escape from other happenings.

Time at the workplace may seem hectic.  Focus on the tools available that will help to simplify some of the chaos.  Even if something seems disagreeable there still may be wisdom to harvest.  When there is a problem that seems just too big to handle; take a step back.  A smoke break at work may not be advisable, but it can provide much needed relief in the proper setting.

While your meditations bring about new realizations, do not expect those around you to come to the same conclusions.  Keep your smoking sessions to those closest to you, but don’t hog the conversation.  One of the benefits of having a smoke buddy in your midst is being able to allow the smoke and ideas to flow freely—the beauty is in the difference.  Let yourself be receptive to the diversity surrounding you and will expand your potential for peace.

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