Gemini May 2015

May will be a trying time for you, Stoner Gemini.  You are likely to have some difficult times ahead in all aspects of your life.  There will be many curve balls coming your way, but it’s nothing you can’t handle with grace.

It is likely that you will experience a moderately negative event in the workplace that throws your chakras slightly out of balance during the beginning of the month.  Do not worry about this too much, the outcome is not as monumentally life-altering as you think.  In fact, it’s quite the opposite.  Smoke about it, forget about it; just like everyone else already has.  Have the confidence to keep moving forward.  Be sure to pay close attention to details, especially when handling important tasks.  Life may seem a little gloomy for you,  but you actually stand to gain much more than you think right now.  Have a good grasp for where you stand, as well as the desires and intentions of your co-workers.

Your relationship with your partner may become one of irritability and disagreements.  Be open and flexible.  Do not try to force them to see things your way or you will find yourself in many useless arguments this month.  Sometimes things are out of your control and life can a rollercoaster, but you will always thrive in your group of friends.  Let yourself escape in good conversation and fun times.  You need to take it upon yourself to plan events for you and your friends to come together.  Even if it’s just a quick smoking session.  Don’t let your friendships get stagnant.  This will be your saving grace during May.

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