Sagittarius June 2015

This June, stoner Sagittarius, your peace is tangible and those closest to you are able to share in this prosperous time.  Although you may feel like the whole world is your backyard, it could serve you well to build up your feelings of wellbeing in the places that are most familiar to you.  It’s great to take the time to light up the bowl, relax and enjoy the little things, but be sure to avoid the potential of couch-lock.  Keeping busy in the personal sphere can carry momentum into other areas that seem to be moving at slower paces.

It is likely that you will encounter conflicts in the workplace, but remember that it really doesn’t matter who is right or wrong.  Be sincere in your responses.  Your clear efforts towards finding solutions to these problems show your commitment to keeping the peace.  While these issues may not be solved by simply two people sharing a pipe, your creativity can be a valuable tool when approaching these touchy areas.  Winning the argument doesn’t always mean a conflict is settled.  However, your determination to reach lasting solutions will be a noticeable triumph.  Giving your full focus into finding permanent fixes will bring its own rewards.  Pay attention to the person instead of the problems and you may find a more common ground to begin reconciling differences that seem to shrink as our perspective grows larger.


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