Leo June 2015

Stoner Leo, you must find your navigational bearings in June.  Without a road map through June, you could be in for a roller coaster of emotional swings in your life.  The good news is that if you have a plan, and stick to it, the celestial bodies will provide a warm solar wind at your back.  You can accomplish anything in June with organization and planning.  If you lose attention and float through the month, that same solar wind could burn you.

Seek the guidance of the sacred herb early in the month.  The sativa species can help with creativity and imagination when it comes to life and goal planning.  The universe has provided an excellent opportunity to excel and thrive in June, but it all starts with an honest assessment of where you want to be.

I have presented the positive light of looking at your potential for June.  Please be warned that if you float and daydream your way through the month, you could be rocked in negative directions from both your personal life and work.  Knowledge and understanding of what you want to accomplish with a lover, friends, and your workplace is the key to your success and happiness in June.  Puff puff pass with a plan 😉

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