Pisces April 2015

This month, Pisces, remember the old saying of, “what goes around, comes around.”  So, hopefully you’ve been passing around some kindness and maybe a bit of the green stuff.  Some situations may leave us feeling a little overwhelmed and unsure of where to head next.  Spend a little time picking out the stems and the seeds and you will find that the bowl you’ve managed to scrounge up isn’t so bad looking.  And even a few extra bowls this month could actually be to your benefit as we don’t want to be making decisions too hastily.  By taking the time to sort through the abundance of what seems to be chaos, you will learn that the directions of where to go next were already there.  You just need to look for them in the trees.

A midst all the hustle of the work place there is no need to make any drastic changes.  Do what is needed to stay on a focused path, April is not the time to be taking big risks in unexplored territory.  The best advice is to stick to what we know.  Keep to familiar strains to avoid unnecessary surprises.  By knowing what kind of affects your greens will have, you will be able to more efficiently apply those herbal remedies.  This same advice can be used with personal relationships.  By sticking to the tried and true we will be able to find support and guidance even when the trail appears hard to follow.  Don’t use up all that precious energy trying to go at it alone.  Investing into those who have been there all along, particularly that special someone, will remind us that it’s okay to lean on that person from time to time.  After all, it is much better to find ourselves lost with a friend than alone with our problems.

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