Pisces Stoner Horoscope November

Pisces Stoner Horoscope November

Take a deep breath stoner Pisces.  Hold it.  Hold it.  And exhale.  Breathe easy my stoner Fish. There is no need to rush through November. This autumn is all about kicking back and lighting up.  So go ahead, pack another bowl and allow yourself to really slow your roll.

Of course you should continue finishing up the current tasks on your to-do list, but now is not the time to make big commitments or take on new projects. You’ve been moving at breakneck speed all year; so you should take full advantage of this more mellow pace to rest and relax as you groove through the final weeks of 2021.

Stoner Pisces, you might feel strange at first.  It can be awkward floating peacefully along the gentle cosmic currents, instead of rushing through rough rapids towards your final destination. Of course it’s good to keep your final destination in mind, but don’t forget to appreciate all of the little things along the way!  As you swim through the slow and steady streams this season with the sacred herb, be sure to puff and puff, but don’t let all the budding beauty pass you by.

Unfortunately, not all areas of life will be smooth sailing. When it comes to matters of the home, you will need to keep the peace pipe packed and close at hand. You, and many in the canna-fam are likely to need the calming cannabis influence early and often throughout the month. Don’t worry stoner Pisces, I’m not talking about relationship ending arguments or blazing battles, but the temperature and tensions in the home environment is likely to get a little high.

Be forewarned:  Clouded minds can cause miscommunications and confusion between even the closest of cannabis companions. A few stress leaving tokes from the peace pipe can help loosen underlying tensions, and alleviate prevailing agitations.

Use the sacred herb as a catalyst for conversation; a way to calm the spirits and mellow the mind. Let the healing vapors expand your minds and elevate your perspectives. You shouldn’t expect the sacred herb to be the remedy for ALL interpersonal ailments.  In addition to tokin’, it will take plenty of talkin’ to resolve everyone’s grievances.

It may take a couple revolutions around the smoke circle to get everyone vibrating on the same wavelength my sweet stoner Pisces, but trust that when it comes to familial relations it’s always better to burn blunts than it is to burn bridges.

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