Sagittarius Stoner Horoscope November

Sagittarius Stoner Horoscope November

Stoner Sag you are a bold hunter and master strategist.  As such you know when it is time to embark on the terrestrial plane with mission goals, and when it is time to hold up and contemplate your universal instructions.

The hunt is much more successful with proper planning.  The November time period will be spent planning and strategizing for future missions on the terrestrial plane.

The most wonderful quality of our sacred herb is the connection it creates between our inner voice and the universal cosmic flow.  Use your cannabis copilot this month to tap into that connection.

Again, this connection is not an immediate link created and used in the field, but instead one of deep contemplation from your stoner sanctuary.  Your cannabis prescription for November is open to your interpretation stoner Sagittarius.  Your connected planning smoke sessions can be tailored to your mood and mission in each particular moment.

Pack your stash jar with a variety of cannabis strains early in the month so that you may have the right tool for the right mood.  Have fun my steady Archer.  You are the master of your castle.  Create productive smoke sessions that utilize your strategic mastery.  Open the channels of the universal flow with your cannabis meditations.

Stoner Sag, this premonition may not be the exciting adventure you often seek, but the power of solitude and cannabis connected meditation will be wielded and harvested in future time periods.

There are two important celestial points of reference in November:  The New Moon of the 4th and the Full Moon of 19th.

The New Moon brings a celestial influence of service to others.  It’s possible solo smoke planning sessions around this time may draw in larger themes of ways you can integrate the broader smoke circle and cannabis companions into your master plan.

The Full Moon will mark an end to one cosmic cycle of influence, and the birth of a new one.  It’s possible you will be ready and anxious to finish this past cycle with eagerness; but anxiety and tension could swirl from the collision of these grand cycles.

History is sometimes the best evidence of future plans.  Do not shrink from the cannabis connection created during this time.  Acknowledgement and understanding from the past could propel and accentuate your plans for the future.  And you will soon discover the future period is much more in line with your instinctual stoner directives.

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