Libra Stoner Horoscope November

Libra Stoner Horoscope November

Stoner Libra, there’s no need to wait for the New Year to start working on the New You! Other signs have already resigned themselves to a slow roll through Winter:  Stuck on the couch, performing the same predictable actions every day – eat, smoke, sleep, repeat.

Not you stoner Libra! This month you will be busy ripping up the weeds, preparing the groundwork, and planting the seeds for all that you wish to manifest in 2022. And while you might feel a little envious when you see some of your partners-in-chronic lighting up and lounging about, you can breathe easy knowing it will all be worth it.

Right now is the season to stay focused on growing your greens stoner Libra; both kind, the spendable and the smokeable. Use this period of positive monetary momentum to pay down debts and stock up your stash jars. And if your bank account is already in the positive, and you find yourself with surplus funds after your bills are paid, put the extra into your savings or rainy day fund.  And since this month is all about preparing for the future, maybe it’s high time for a crypto investment.

But, amidst this busy season of endless productive energy and big goals, don’t forget that maintaining equilibrium is your most basic guiding principle. So pay attention to when your mental and emotional batteries are feeling low.  You need to take a medicated meditative break with the sacred herb to recharge your cosmic spacesuit.

Stoner Libra, in order to stay grinding, you need to stay grounded. If at any time you are feeling like you are working too much, don’t be afraid to mix in a little play. You are more than a cog in the machine.  Sometimes it takes fully unplugging to remind ourselves of this truth.  Our cannabis copilot is always there to connect us to the bigger picture.

There’s a great big planet out there stoner Libra. Get back to your roots with a pre-roll and a nature walk. And if the weather won’t allow it, pack a fresh bowl, grab your favorite munchies, spark one up, and stream the latest nature show online.

After all, you don’t always have to travel far to explore the wider world around you. Sometimes your adventure through the cosmos starts with the click of a button, and the click of a lighter!

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