Leo October 2016

Stoner Leo, you’ve been on a solar hot streak.  You have become accustomed to a cosmic wind at your back with limited obstacles in your way.  The October time period will bring new challenges to the stoner Leo.  That warm wind at your back will become a bitter cold in your face.

Stoner Leo, please understand that you have more of a potential in damaging yourself than the cosmic dice you have been dealt.  You have been spoiled this year with positive cosmic influences.  This change in direction is the challenge you must overcome.  Your reaction to negative influences will be more important than any steps you must take to overcome them.  Meditative sessions with the sacred herb should be well thought out and crisply executed.  Avoid any strains that could put you away from the world.  Replace any Indica with Sativa for the month of October.

Stoner Leo, the trap in October is self-pity and an attitude of avoidance.  You must be present and accounted for in the office and at home.  Entrepreneurs and company leaders must show that they are willing to work just as hard as their workers.  Many times you have been able to skirt away from work for something more pleasurable.  These decisions could have drastic consequences during the October time period.

Stoner Leo, discipline is the key to the month.  You should avoid any instinct toward individual personal pleasure.  Family and work must take priority.  You will have moments where self-pity demands of you to shut yourself off to the world.  This is the most dangerous situation.  Your presence and accountability are vital for loved ones, cannabis companions, and your work relationships.  Relax and enjoy the renewed focus.  The Sativa species of cannabis will be your friend in October.  Energy, empathy, discipline, and accountability will be your key words for the month.

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