Pisces May 2015

Stoner Pisces, it is important to remember to remain seated until the ride has come to a complete stop—May has the potential to be a little bumpy.  Now, the good news is, you’ll be ready to rock it.  Your obstacles may be many, but you have the means and that particular Pisces finesse to turn each unfortunate situation into a personal win.  Of course, that’s the upside.  The downside is that this may mean you are loading fewer bowls and picking up the pipe a little less.  Be prepared as this will bring you a sense of alertness that will benefit problem solving in the long run.

In the workplace, it is recommended that you handle the small issues before they become big.  It may be wise to try to mimic the trees, but not the ‘trees’.  Like a new growth, be strong but limber.  Stand your ground, but don’t be stubborn.  This flexibility will allow you to be sturdy and at the same time stand tall against confrontational winds.  When time permits, grind up some green and allow yourself to get a little grounded.  Simply being more selective with smoking occasions will allow for more productive work, and also more productive relaxation.

And, what this means for love, is don’t go looking for fights.  Although the usual hiccup on the home front is sure to pop up, it is best to let trouble find you.  When it does, you will be able to charm it into submission.  This should not be seen as manipulative.  It is more than fair to pursue your personal goals, just do your best to guide with a gentle hand when doing so.  Remember that peace can be both a journey and a destination.

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