Leo May 2015

Stoner Leo, May will bring a month of challenges, but isn’t that just the way life is?  Cosmic universal forces aren’t out to get you in May, but they aren’t on your side either.  May could bring a state of lethargy to your life.  This is the main enemy of the month.

You must decide for yourself:  Are you a creative stoner that is propelled to action and creation with the sacred herb?  Are you apt to laziness and procrastination when you enjoy the sacred herb?  This question must be answered because the obstacles you will face in May will require precision decision making and creative action.  You must decide for yourself if this is a month to let the pipe lay or spark up your favorite Sativa strain.

You must see through the clouds that will obstruct your view in May to see what is really important.  You may not be able to solve all of your problems and projects, but you can achieve progress in May with precise decision making.  The clouds of May could trick you into procrastination and putting off key decisions.  See through the clouds because they obstruct the dangers that lie in wait.  Your problems will increase and your projects will see further delays if you do not make the key decisions in May.

Be active!  Participate in your life, don’t let the clouds of May get you down.

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