Leo Stoner Horoscope November

Leo Stoner Horoscope November

My kind, loving, loud-smoking Leo, you are the leader of the stoner Zodiac pride. Equally confident, and chronic loving; ready to light up, and light the way whenever your cannabis companions need guidance. But, this month, you will likely find that you are the one who needs someone to lean on. And just like when you find a few stems and seeds in your fresh bag of the good green, you may have to remind yourself: It’s okay to let go.

Stoner Leo, maybe you’ve been having a bad week. A bad month?  Those in your closest smoke circle may not have noticed the rough days that you’ve been pushing through. You do your best to project that all is well in your ganja jungle. But, if you expect others to think that everything is truly, ‘all good,’  you have to believe it yourself first.

My capable Lion, don’t ignore the underlying uncertainties you have been feeling about yourself. Ignoring the weeds in our spiritual gardens doesn’t make them go away; it just gives opportunity for them to pop up in other areas.

Don’t waste precious energy and resources watering withered crops. Instead, get your hands a bit dirty, and tend to the parts of yourself that need to be nurtured.

It is fair to say that being open and honest about your insecurities does not come natural to you stoner Leo. So you may need to toke alone during your earliest smoke sessions this month. Load a bowl of the sacred herb, light up, and let the endocannabinoids open your third-eye sight to help you look deep within.

Remember stoner Leo, the peace pipe isn’t only used for finding common ground between disgruntled cannabis companions. Sometimes it is needed to find our own inner peace and expand perspective.

As you traverse this particularly cloudy portion of your cosmic journey, take note of those around you. While the sacred herb might be your sole companion during the first part of the month, you will soon learn who you can truly call your partners-in-chronic.

Keep an eye out for those fair-weather friends who are quick to disappear as soon as the stash gets low. And remember those who are there when the smoke clouds clear. The cannabis companions who are still there at the end of a rough day, the ones who are there to load a bowl and just listen, these are the canna-fam ready to blaze into the future.

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