Libra June 2015

Stoner Libra, you will receive strong and positive support in all life aspects from the Universe this month.  If you decide to be proactive and use these energies to their full potential, the results could be life-changing.  Do not let change frighten you, Libra, you are all about balance and you will do just that this month if you stay attentive.

Your career has a very bright outlook, presenting you with many unique opportunities that could change your job for the better.  It would be silly if you didn’t take advantage of them.  During the beginning of the month, you should focus on planning a new project, or tackling a current one with a new and clear perspective.  If you run into a mental block, take a couple puffs of a nice sativa strain to boost your creativity and come back to it.  If you are working for someone else, this could be your start towards a promotion.  If you work for yourself, or hold a management position, it is likely that if you are going to gain a strong and loyal partnership if you are attentive to those around you.

The love front will be of most importance to the Libra this month.  Libras long for companionship; the successes and beauties of life are just as meaningful without someone to share them with.  Have patience, stay true to yourself, and do what you believe is necessary.  During the third ten day period of this month it is likely that you will meet that special someone who will enhance and change your life for the better.  If this someone turns out to not be a lover, possibly they will be a life-long Cannabis Companion.  The only thing that stands in front of you and destiny is you; do not be afraid to act.  If you are already in a relationship, it will be in your best interest to pay special attention to your lover.  Now is the perfect time to plan a trip, just the two of you.  This could be the one of the best times in your relationship.

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