Aquarius June 2015

Stoner Aquarius, the month of June will be bringing to you more energy and focus than you will know what to do with.  Yes, this month you will be getting things done!  With all of this extra “oomph” behind you, don’t forget to give attention to the mechanical side of things, your body.  While a nice sativa may bring you that extra spunk and creativity; embrace those strains that may be higher in CBDs as this is where we find those wonderful healing properties.  If you can maintain the balance between accomplishments and caring for your body, there is really nothing on that to-do-list of yours that cannot get crossed off.

June brings to you a period of peace and prosperity.  In the workplace, pay attention to the details and be selective on where you invest those energies.  You’ve found your groove Aquarius, but it is up to you to use this momentum to smooth out any bumps you may have noticed.  This is true especially in the workplace, as the quality of your work will get noticed.  The best part is that you will have enough energies to conquer both the day-to-day tasks and bring the remaining energies with you to invest in the place you call home.

Those who know you well will be positively influenced by your apparent magnetism.  Which is why it is important to keep watch on your personal well-being.  Those magnificent powers of that sacred herb may be just exactly what you and your loved ones need to share.  Keep your attention to the things that matter.  Remember that we ruin that which was almost ripe by tampering too much.  Keep your sights on the end result and allow things to flourish in their own time.

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