Cancer June 2015

My dearest Cancer, this month will be tiresome.  You will have to work very hard to maintain equilibrium.  Do not fall into the laziness that will call your name from the indica strains in June.  Keep your friendly sativa near to you throughout this month as it will help you with focus.  You will need focus this month!

Work will be a bit of a badger this June.  Pull together all your wits and energy to throw yourself into work to raise the bar.  Do not allow small problems to get in the way.  You can easily overcome them with the right attitude.  It is a time to remember to take breaks, meditate with a hit of sativa and enjoy music when you have some time during the working days this month my smoking Crab.  These breaks are crucial to maintaining your usually strong work ethic.  Working for the man?  Show them what you are made of; that you won’t let circumstance slow you down.  Working for yourself? You’ll have a much easier time this month.  Do not let that make you lazy!

Your love life is extremely important this month Crab.  Your lover will be your source of strength.  Though things may seem to be a bit cool for the lover in you, value your lover to the utmost this month.  They will be your salvation.  Listen to them and be there for them as much as they are for you.  Do not get caught up in your drama outside of your relationship.  Loner Crabs need to break out the hookah, turn on some Grateful Dead and  chill out.  Getting upset will not make this month easier for you.  Show some character and work on yourself.  You’ll be happy you did as the one isn’t too far from your reach.

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