Gemini June 2015

May is your month to shine, Stoner Gemini.  The Universe is on your side, and is providing you with an incredibly positive time in your life.  You will experience a great energy shift, and you will be able to apply this to all aspects of your life, remaining unburdened by any serious issues or obstacles.

Your career will definitely benefit from the surge of energy coursing through you.  Your positivity and go-get-it attitude will be the direct source of your increased productivity.  There will be many new and exciting opportunities that are presenting themselves to you, but don’t think that they will effortlessly come to fruition.  You cannot expect results without putting in the work.  If you are in a “higher” up position, pay special attention to your colleagues.  Someone may have a secret agenda that you should know about.  Still working hard to get to the top?  Put all this energy to good use.  Put you work in overdrive.  Your hard efforts will be noticed and rewarded by the end of the month, which could potentially land you a promotion of sorts.  Remember, the level of your success is entirely up to you.  You have the herb and the papers, but nobody is going to roll that joint for you.

On the love front, May will bring you some interesting news (FINALLY!!).  While at the time it may seem irrelevant to you but, have no doubt, it will directly influence your life down the road.  If you are in a relationship, be extra attentive to your lover and display your feelings towards them more vividly.  With your friends, assume a neutral position.  Right now is not the time for silly feuds.  This month you have the ability to resolve any issues that may arise.  Your positive energies will be contagious.  Use your influencing powers to help spread love and happiness to all those who come into contact with you.  Bond with old and new friends with the help of the sacred herb whenever possible.  Just do more sharing than smoking.  Now is not the time to get in a couch-lock, you have important work to do!

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