Aries June 2015

This is positively your month to shine my dear stoner Aries!  Be prepared to feel the unyielding life force pumping through your veins.  You will have many celebrations and many opportunities coming your way!  Your biggest challenge will be to reign in the energy you are receiving and put it to work for the better of your life this month.

Your love life is exceptional in June!  The enormity of events that will play out this month will change you forever my stoner Ram.  This is true for both the single and attached Aries.  Following your heart has never felt so good.  Ride those dab clouds and don’t look down! There may be a few minor disagreements but do not take them to heart as they will resolve themselves easily.  Play your cards right and the Summer Solstice will be more than just a celebration of the season; It will be a celebration of you!

Work, work, work!  Yes, you do have to work my cannabis companion.  Although, it in no way will be a downer this month.  You will have to focus all the energy within you into decisiveness and creativity as you will simply be bombarded with opportunities in June.  Do not try to take them all or you will simply be breaking your own back.  Take time to meditate with a nice sativa on the ones that appeal to you most.  Then pick the ones that will benefit you both soulfully and financially.  These decisions are laying down a nice platform for you, so why not enjoy the work you do!  If you own your own company pay attention to what your employees are doing.  Is your handbook up to date?  Make sure all policies are being upheld.  If you are working for the man it is the month to take initiative!  Start making headway for the trip up the ladder my friend!

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