Leo August 2015

Stoner Leo, August is smokin hot!  Are you ready for the positive expectations and opportunities that are coming in August?  You will inhale the beauty of life instead of getting baked if you focus on the right aspects of your life.  Meditation with the sacred herb is crucial in the early stages of August.  Find a relaxed place where you can focus on yourself.  The planets have aligned and the cosmos has presented a gift for you to achieve those physical and spiritual goals that have always lingered in the subconscious.

Put your favorite workout music on the playlist because August is the time to concentrate on your physical health.  The universe has opened a window for you to take advantage of time and seize motivation to build yourself into what you want to be.  Don’t get your joint twisted, it’s not about what pop culture wants you to be.  August is a great month to act on all those ideas and plans that linger in the subconscious for self improvement, but rarely see a physical manifestation of effort.

Work for the stoner Leo in August should go swimmingly well.  Take advantage of the resources that you have built in the past to be creative in August.  This month will be about burning trees with potential partners instead of bridges.  Have confidence stoner Leo, but act with intelligence.

Sometimes we all burn one down a little longer than expected … The dab hits us like a cartoon … That fresh bowl sends you under water looking up at the surface.  You are an experienced stoner Leo; your calm tools in these situations are exactly what you should apply to your personal life in August.  Act natural and don’t force it, everything is gonna be alright.

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