Capricorn August 2015

Stoner Capricorn, the cosmos has sent you a complicated puzzle in August.  Unfortunately this puzzle is not a blessing, but instead a culmination of previous frustrations and past anxieties.  You will be presented with puzzle pieces in August that you must solve to move forward.  Each one has its true position within your world sphere and relationships.  The sacred herb must be utilized to meditate and solve these conundrums, not to avoid and deflect responsibility.

The puzzle of August has more to do with your personal life than work or business.  Because your energy and concentration will be focused on solving this complex problem in your head, you need to grind and power through your work life.  August is not the month to take chances or stand out of line in the workplace.

With proper meditation and contemplation, you will see the cosmic puzzle laid out in front of you.  The key to understanding the purpose and universal structure of the puzzle is to know that it’s all within you.  You have created problems and complications in the past that will reveal themselves in August.  Stoner Capricorn, you have put these problems on layaway in the past.  The universe is calling your debt due.  The sacred herb should be utilized with precision in August.  Absolutely do not lean on smoke sessions for coping.  You must utilize the sacred herb to travel within yourself for better understanding.  This will  be one heavy trip for you my friend.

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