Gemini April 2015

Stoner Gemini, April will have it’s testing times, but the good will outweigh the bad in the end.  You win some, you lose some.   As usual, your career will continue to be your strongest suit, while your personal relations could suffer if you’re not careful.

Although you will continue to shine as the bright shining star you are, there is someone that you’ve suspected has been trying to bring you down for quite some time now.  You can’t keep ignoring the problem, and you may realize that there are too many “noncontributing” heads on this blunt.  Don’t let your natural instinct to not upset the heard conflict with what you know you have to do.  If you are confident and fair in your decision, you will not have any regrets.  If things take the path they are supposed to, a potentially life changing event could be in store for you at the end of the month.  For the entrepreneurial Gemini, it’s time to think about re-organizing, updating, and upgrading your environment.

It’s easy to get caught up in the smoky haze, but you need to be extra attentive to your partner this month.  When things are rocky, the lightest hit can make the whole thing come crashing down and the outcome could be quite devastating to certain parties.  Be calm, yet ready for anything.  If a problem arises, you will need to weigh out the pros and cons of any decisions that come about. Do not act impulsively,but, you don’t have much time to mull it over either.  I would recommend keeping a chillum in your car and take a puff or two before going home.  That way you will be relaxed and less likely to take out aggression and annoyances from work out on your partner.

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