Capricorn April 2015

Capricorn stoner, April is a month of positivity.  The flow of life will be like a smooth reggae song a wash in beat and harmony.  Perhaps the Sublime song, What I Got could be your mantra for the month.

Just because the stars have lined up for you in April does not mean you won’t need to be active in your destiny for the month.  Bursts of positive energy must be utilized to enhance your life and work.  Be confident Capricorn stoner.  Leadership and decision making will be key ingredients to accepting the gift from the stars.  With work and strategy the Sativa species of the sacred herb should be your choice for April to help guide the positive energy flowing through you.

Drama is pushed to the side in your personal life for April.  Enjoy the time with loved ones.  Enemies and negativity are far from your gates this month.  You should seek the comfort of your relationships to give you space for relaxation and inner focus.  When you reach that space away from work and the vibrating energy April will bring, don’t be afraid to mix in the Indica species of the sacred herb to instigate spiritual awakenings.

Don’t forget to smile stoner Capricorn, life is wonderful in these moments.

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