Leo April 2015

Stoner Leo, the sun will not shine down upon you in April.  There are times when you need to hold your head up high with pride and direct life; and then there are times when you need to keep your head down and perform the groundwork necessary to keep life moving.  April will be a period of difficult work for the Leo stoner, but hard difficult work is not beyond you.

Moderation, coping, diligence, and attention are the words that come to mind when I try to guide you through the difficulties that April will bring.  Moderation with the sacred herb to keep your head squarely on task.  April will be a grind of a month, and the sacred herb will help you cope with the mundane.  Diligence must be paid to the details in your daily life.  Attention must be given to your loved ones, especially your lover.

Whether you are the boss or a line worker, April will bring a long slog of work.  You must pay attention to details to hold your position.  Rash or expensive decisions should be held for the future.  Work will allow you to get through this strange inactive time.

The sacred herb can inspire creativity and create a wave of influence.  This is the stoner Leo’s normal mindset with smoke sessions.  However, stoner Leo, you will need to lean on the coping and soothing properties of the sacred herb in April.  It may be time to try that Indica strain you have avoided in the past.

The most important guidance I can provide to you for April is this:  Pay attention to your loved ones in April.  This month could bring a nasty transition if you neglect your lover.  Palling around with friends or drinks with the ladies is always fun, but staying at home to spend quality time with your lover and family should take the priority in April.

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