Capricorn June 2015

Capricorn stoner, June brings a different aspect than any other month of the year.  Freedom, choice, flexibility, strength, and imagination are words that come to me when I contemplate your June circumstances.  The effects of decisions you make in June will be up to you.  Outside influences will be held at bay.  Imagine you are in a canoe by yourself.  You choose the direction you desire.  You can guide yourself to a beautiful place in nature, but be careful because you could steer towards rapids as well.  Sit back, light up the peace pipe, and just go with the flow Capricorn stoner.

June is a great month to take charge of yourself and see things in a new light.  You can take advantage of opportunities in June by being organized.  When advancement or leading a new project comes your way at work, have the confidence in yourself to take on the challenge and see it through.  You are in control in June.  Positivity and results will only come from your efforts.

The same is true with matters of the heart.  Stay close to your cannabis companions.  Your increased positive attitude and flexibility could really help a loved one out in June.  Just remember that the cosmos has gifted you extra freedom in June, the same may not be true of others.  Empathize and analyze before jumping out of your canoe and into someone else’s.

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