Cancer Stoner Horoscope February

Cancer Stoner Horoscope February

Stoner Cancer, last month the goal was to smoke the high grade and keep it lowkey. It was about finding your way along the mellow middle path through consistent medicated meditation; it was a time to toke it slow and allow yourself the headspace needed to philosophize and plan out where you want to go next.

Many of these were solo smoke sessions, or limited only to your closest cannabis companions. Now it’s time to get back out there to share those great greens and good vibes with more of your fellow tokin’ terrestrials. 

But, as you expand your smoke session this February, be mindful that not everyone can be expected to be in such a zenful state of mind, my calm and collected Crab.

So, stoner Cancer, it is a good time to get out the peace pipe and give it a good deep cleaning…you will need it this month.

The good news is that new dramas aren’t a part of the month’s forecast. Instead, unresolved tensions and hurt feelings can resurface as people hangout and hotbox with those they haven’t seen in a while. 

When the conversation stalls or gets a little heated, just let go and let the sacred herb guide the communications forward. After everyone shares a few bowls, the room might be a little hazy, but you will be able to see others’ perspectives more clearly.

Stoner Cancer, it’s not about who is right or who was wronged. It’s about listening to each other, lighting up together, and helping everyone to meet on a higher and healthier level.

After-all, especially when it comes to spending time toking and talking with our partners-in-chronic, good ganja is something we can all agree upon.

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