Cancer April 2015

Stoner Crab, are you ready for this month?  In April you will feel life’s forces running rampant through your veins.  Yes this is the break you’ve been waiting for.  The only stipulation with this energy is to use it wisely and save some for the future months where you will need it.  It is like you have received a gift of the finest medibles. Do not consume all at once.

The clever Crabs will blossom in their working lives.  It is a month to find the love of what you do and do it simply for that.  The material gains will follow only if they are not your main focus.  Take on those projects with zeal and enjoy them as they will turn out better than expected.  If you are not working in a field you truly enjoy it is time for some hybrid meditation sessions this month.  They will lead you down the right paths to find your true calling.

You may be feeling invincible this month and you should revel in it.  Enjoy these feelings and all they have to offer.  A word to the wise:  Be very careful how you go about swooning, seducing, or even just playing the moderator in a sticky situation between friends.  The power of your influence is HIGH and will evoke many strong reactions.  This is where you need to conserve a bit of the life force you’re feeling.  Personal conquests will prevail, but to whose expense and when will those consequences show up?  Be very wise on how you play with the power the universe is shining on you this month.  You won’t like it when those consequences sneak up on you like the red hair creeper you love so much.   

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