Aries July 2015

It seems that much of the life energy from June will flow over into July for you my stoner Aries.  Use this energy to guide you down the paths that mean the most to you.  Though you may have a lot to decide in the working world, your personal life will be an irrefutable cloud of vape!

Speaking of working, Ram, you will be doing a lot of it this month.  As I see it, you will be good to go on finishing your projects in a timely manner.  Thus bringing upon you more opportunities from those who are your partners or managers.  You need to look at all of these opportunities and choose only one.  Grab your bag of trees and find a mellow place to do some reflective thinking before making your decision.  Trust your intuition and give that one decision your all.

The word I believe you will use this month in regards to your personal life will be, to say the least, blissful.  This is the month you will feel as though everyone is on your page.  If you have the time and resources to take a nice long vacation, do so!  If that is not an option for you; surround yourself with your cannabis companions on the weekends at a nice peaceful place and relax.  The energies of your love life are calling for you to enjoy.  When is the last time you hiked that trail that leads to your favorite cave? It is time to update your social connections as well as your connections with our dear mother earth.

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