Virgo Stoner Horoscope November

Virgo Stoner Horoscope November

Stoner Virgo the clouds of Fall have fully set in.  Not just within the terrestrial climate, but within astrological realms as well.  Not doom and gloom, but more like a boring haze.

But there is a bright side within this dense and dull period.  The stoner Virgo is naturally built for this mundane drudgery.

What other sign is better equipped mentally and emotionally to march one foot in front of the other toward project completion?  That’s right my stoner Virgin … none!

November is a great month for a tolerance break.  Or perhaps stocking the stash jar with low THC and high CBD cannabis strains.  You have enough ambition and focus to make your way through the cloudy terrain.  A more moderate and conservative cannabis prescription in November will help avoid the pitfalls of an obscure landscape.

The danger to the final Fall month will be to get stuck in your own head within projects and dilemmas.  With an obscured landscape, the usually advantageous high perspective from cannabis contemplation could cause confusion.  With the CBD regiment of our sacred herb, it should help you stay firmly rooted on the ground.

Don’t lose sight of what is important stoner Virgo.  Task mastery is an amazing talent.  But use of this talent can become all-consuming.  Great meditative powers can come from medicated smoke sessions with low THC cannabis strains.

Toke time to self with your great cannabis copilot during the month to break free from the constant march toward end goals.  Inhale the relaxing nature of the sacred herb.  Focus solo meditative smoke sessions on family and those cannabis companions you are most connected to.  In the end it is those connections that unlock the keys to progress, not your stellar strength to get shit done.

Stoner Virgo, you may not be one to stop and smell the roses.  But do try to stop and enjoy the flower.  These recuperative and appreciative breaks from the daily grind will feed your terrestrial roots, and give you increased strength to continue on.

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