Taurus Stoner Horoscope November

Taurus Stoner Horoscope November

Stoner Taurus, preparations must be made to traverse through the month of November with success and progress at heart.  There will be a confluence of events this month.  Mars, Mercury, and the Sun will all be within the sign.  It even has a funky name:  Satellitium.

The triumvirate of celestial bodies will place a strong influence on the stoner Taurus.  Cosmic influence will be focused on the canna-fam and close cannabis companions.

Burning tree with the family and hanging out with good buds, no big deal right?  Not so fast.  With this grand celestial event, the universe will be throwing some seeds and stems in the stoner Taurus’ bag of ganja goodness.

A major conflict will arise with planetary influence that will require preparation.  A large factor within the influence for November will require the stoner Taurus to be the foundation of support for their close smoke circle.  Empathetic listening, and patient understanding for those in need.

Yes, my hearty Bull.  I know you got this!  However, the universal stem thrown into the bag of swag this month will be a strong desire to debate, challenge, and argue.

So on one hand you will be required to patiently listen and give strong support to the canna-fam.  But on the other hand you will feel strong pangs to challenge your cannabis companions.

We’ve all picked seeds and stems out of bags of swag stoner Taurus.  This must be the work you put into the month of November.

Find your stoner chill my stout Bull.  Make sure to stock the stash jar with the Indica species of the sacred herb.  Use your opportunities with cannabis as a steadying guide in relation to others.  Find your medicated meditative center.  Be the strong stoner Bull that others can lean on, and share their own personal burdens.

When that nagging voice comes, the one that has a snarky point or some real facts for the misguided bud, you must squash the instinct to jump into the fray.

Find your inner chill stoner Taurus.  Use the sacred herb to rise above your communicative instincts this month.  Make a mental note, and revisit your thoughts later.  Perhaps with a little chill, and the magic of the sacred herb, you will see your points and debate in the moment were not prescient and helpful.

We could all use a little chill stoner Taurus.  But this month you need it!

When the celestial bodies eventually move into new positions in our astrological sky, all the tongue biting and stoic healing will pass.  This exercise in discipline will be a great tool for progress in future periods.

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