Virgo March 2015

As a stoner Virgo you are consistently breaking down barriers and stereotypes associated with the lifestyle of someone who consumes the sacred herb.  The battle for respect and legitimacy can be frustrating at times, but your fight is worth it. March may bring enemies to the gate of your mental house.  This harmful agent may be hiding in the weeds, and closer than you realize.  Negativity will surround your personal relationships like a cloud of skunk weed.  Be cautious and measured with your decisions and actions with close friends and loved ones in March.  Just because it feels like forces are against you, it doesn’t mean firm action is required. Chill out and relax, there is better use of your time in March.  Pouring yourself into work may be the best action to avoid the negative energies surrounding personal relationships.

As the tainted clouds fill your head with personal relationships, the comfy kushy clouds will form over your business dealings in March.  Stoner Virgo, March is the time to be diligent and take action in your business or at work.  Positive waves will crash at your door like a smooth reggae song with a productive beat.  The planets line up particularly well for the stoner Virgo with an entrepreneurial spirit.  March is a month where old projects and ideas will be fulfilled, and new ventures will be inspired and created.  If you are working for the man in the machine of society, don’t fret.  Advancement opportunities can be found in March for the stoner Virgo stuck in the machine.

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