Pisces March 2015

Pisces, it may be true that there are plenty of fish in the sea, but this month it may be best to let them keep swimming by.  Don’t spend too much time seeking out a special someone.  Better sun is on the way as spring approaches, and all that energy it brings could be better spent on ourselves.  Maybe you’ve been waiting for a good time to start going a little greener?  More green in our bowl and more greens on our plates will increase that feeling of brightness and healthiness.  That extra energy you get from the feelings of well-being will make you a mean, green, goal-accomplishing machine.

Don’t be surprised to find your work and even your finances flourishing this month, and remember that it’s not by accident.  Feel confident in the work you do, and try to avoid any paranoia-producing strains you come across.  The only person that that will be able to hold you back this month is you.  So, if after a good days work you have plans to hit up your favorite outdoor smoke spot, don’t worry about the rain…just bring an umbrella.

Once you feel that your own growth is where you want it to be, you may feel more comfortable in inviting someone to get to know you from a closer perspective.  Use the creative powers of those sativa flowers to keep things fresh and out of the box.  As someone once sang, “The sky’s the limit”.  For you Stoner Pisces, this isn’t just a good tune to listen to this month, it’s your anthem.

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