Virgo July 2015

Virgo stoner, I know June was a struggle.  The cosmic forces were against you.  Unfortunately the struggle of June will continue into July.  But instead of the all encompassing waves of negativity, the universe is granting you a break in the clouds, and the sun will shine through.

A new light will shine in July regarding your business life!  The hangover from June will fade after the first week of July, and your energy will return.  Spark up a bowl of sativa, and get to work.  The middle of July should see significant opportunities with work and business.  Use the sacred herb as a catalyst for change as you transition from the gloom of June into the sun of July.  Pay attention and take advantage of your opportunities.

As always in life, you have to take the good with the bad.  Unfortunately the hangover from June in your personal life will not lift as easy as your business life.  Be careful and gentle with your cannabis companions and lover.  You must balance the energy you feel in your work life with the challenges of your personal life.  You should use the sacred herb as a catalyst for work, whereas you should lean on the sacred herb for insight and coping in your personal life.  Noticing details are important to take advantage of opportunities at work, whereas they are critical to avoid damaging confrontations in your relationships.  Good luck, positivity!

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