Capricorn July 2015

Stoner Capricorn you are a powerful being!  Let’s look at July like a long distance race.  You are strong and you can win the race, but only at a steady pace throughout the month.  All challenges and problems can be solved with a steady stride and consistent perseverance.  Puff, puff, pass the joint.  Feel the energy of the sacred herb and the fellowship of your cannabis companions.  Go with the flow and July will be your month of enjoyment and happiness.

In your workplace or business, the message of a steady pace is very important.  Do not try to do too much or take on a large project that is unrealistic to complete.  Avoid confrontations with co-workers who are out to sabotage your success.  Run your business or your job like that race we discussed with a steady pace.  A good pace allows you to see the details around you and solve problems with a cool hand.

In matters of the heart a steady pace throughout the month will allow you to shrug off any anxieties that you feel in relationships, and it will help you avoid running too fast into a situation that could hurt you.  Relax and meditate, you got this.  Feel confident that July will bring exceptional moments, but only when you avoid jumping into conflict and apply reasonable expectations on your situation.

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