Taurus September 2016

How do you look at challenges, stoner Libra?  Your perception of difficulties is imperative at this time.  Find yourself a good hybrid and keep it close by this month.  I strongly suggest taking a meditative smoke break at the very first of the month.  During this session ask your ego and higher self to join forces.  If you do not your ego could get out of hand and ruin any possible good that can happen this September.

Your working world has the potential to be most problematic.  Keeping your cool is what you need to do.  This has nothing to do with you personally.  If your ego is in check you will prevail.   You will feel as if your workload has doubled, and frankly, it will.  If you kept your herb with you, take a break, relax then figure out who to ask for help.  Asking for help is a sign of strength, do not think otherwise.  You can overcome this trying work month by doing what you do best; endure and overcome!  Your ego will be pleased by month’s end!

Let your love light shine this month.  It is true you will find some respite from your daily life with your loved one or friends.  Just remember that light always finds its way into the darkest of caverns.  If you have secrets hiding in the corners of your soul, September is the month that they will be brought out into the open.  Do not fear your past. It made you who you are today.  Just be tactful when sharing — especially if the  details are juicy.  As for your circle of friends:  It is your time to keep them busy.  Grab the dug out and hit the trails one day then pack the vape and hit the clubs another.  All in all this September will be a mixture of obstacles but also of times to be remembered.

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