Taurus November 2016

As an earth sign, the stoner Taurus will feel right at home all month long this November.  This month should go along quite smoothly if you’re willing to do the work and stay grounded.  A well-balanced hybrid will be your best bet all month long.  So grab your most earth-happy pipe and some hemp wick and take them along for the ride.

If you are ready to roll with the punches and get your hands dirty at work, November will be a month of great advancement.  This is not the time to delegate your responsibilities.  Do the work yourself and you will find more joy in the outcome.  In no way will this be an easy non-thinking month.  You will need to keep your wits about you and be prepared to open your eyes a bit during the process of working as one with your colleagues.  Towards the end of the month be sure to share some green with these hard working folks and share your gratitude with them.  They are not used to the Bull of the zodiac and the workplace to be  openly grateful.  You and they will truly enjoy all elements of this bonding.

Speaking of bonding your home life should be emotionally satisfying and easy going.  If you are in a committed relationship you will reach your end goals by working together and staying harmonious.  Be sure to take the time to share your love and herb with them.  Be open to new ideas and don’t hesitate to ask questions that will lead to new horizons.  This may be the month to have a small get together at your humble abode.  I’m sensing a good sesh with the old hookah will do you all good! Listen to your cannabis companions with an open mind as you may need a bit of balance in your life.  These beautiful friends will help you with that.  Enjoy this month stoner Taurus. December holds much excitement.

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