Leo November 2016

Stoner Leo, be forewarned there are obstacles in November you must overcome.  You should consider the month of November as a month of life training.  The lessons you learn from overcoming the obstacles will aid your future cosmic development.  Meditative smoke sessions with the sacred herb should have a mantra for the month of November:  Breathe and let it be.

The obstacles in November that present the most challenge will be of a human nature.  In the sphere of work and business; humans will present roadblocks to your progress, Leo.  You must navigate these human roadblocks with creative detours.  This is where the meditative smoke sessions with the sacred herb can be of the most benefit.  Creativity will be the key to your success in November.  Accomplishment is still achievable despite the human roadblocks.  Be mindful during these difficult situations because the lessons from these experiences will give you new tools in your arsenal for future obstacles.

Stoner Leo the time period of November will bring personal challenges for you in the sphere or love and happiness.  Remember your meditative mantra:  Breathe and let it be.  You cannot force yourself and your will on your loved ones in November.  We are all flying through space on Earth together.  Try to understand that your loved ones and cannabis companions have cosmic influences just like you.  Your compassion and patience will pay dividends in your relationships in the short and long term.

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