Taurus July 2016

Tokin’ it up Taurus!  How much fun the summer will bring you will all be based on how much you’ve built up your energies during the winter and spring seasons.  Odds are that you have rested much and have kept it low key.  But, now the sun is at full strength during July and you are more than ready to roll.  Keep the bowl packed and your bag packed so you will be ready to head out when the opportunity for adventure presents itself.  The surprises that happen to you this month will seem a little less unexpected if you think back to seeds that you’ve planted in the past.  This ground work may even be from so long ago that you forgot that to nurture these prospects.  Don’t worry, sometimes the universe has a way of bringing things full circle and now you will have the chance to see these hopes become reality.

 It is recommended that in the workplace that you do not take everything at face value.  Your peers may seem to want to help, but there will be a lingering feeling that they may have undeclared motives.  Do not ignore these feelings.  Nor is it recommended that you dwell on this fact.  You have your sacred herb off the clock to help keep you centered.  If your coworkers are not as fortunate to enjoy this peace producing plant, then share freely with them how it helps you.  Share the sacred herb, not the drama.  Being open and upfront will be the best approach in order to avoid turning the small issues into big ones.  When everyone involved is honest about where they are coming from, work will be much more enjoyable and everyone will be able to get more done.

Any problems on the home front, you can assume are your fault, Taurus.  This is not to make you feel bad.  In fact, the opposite is true.  By taking ownership of the roles you play, you will liberate your thoughts by understanding that you have the tools needed to correct the issues.  Be patient with your lover or those close to you.  All parties have things to learn from the other, but none benefit by trying to talk over each other.  If it takes grinding up some green in order to keep grounded, do that.  We can all find an equal playing field by passing around the pipe.  But, the herb should be used as a way to go deeper into the conversation, not a way to avoid it.

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