Taurus January 2017

The holidays are over, decorations put away, new gifts organized and you stoner Taurus are ready for 2017!  Happy New Year to you!  This month you will be filled with a zest for getting things done and you are well prepared.  A sativa strain will be your dearest friend this January so keep it close.

Your work is very important to you and it shows dearest Taurus.  You will find challenging experiences that will force you to imply patience and persuasiveness to get your way.  You are fit for these experiences you are fully capable of navigating them.  What will irritate you the most is the lack of trust your partners or managers have in your plans to further the company.   When you feel this irritation take a toke and work on another project.  Being pushy will get you nowhere fast.

Your social and family life will gladly let you go about your work freely; as they know that is what you need to do.  This absolutely does not let you off the hook to just “do your own thing”.  You will need to keep up with what is going on in the lives of your loved ones.  You don’t want to oversee an opportunity to help someone who gravely needs it.  This person will need your attention and your positive help.  Take the time to share a bowl with them and remember to be kind.  They know what the problem is.  They need help overcoming it.  And no, you cannot do it for them! Just be there and all will prevail!

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