Gemini January 2017

Stoner Gemini be prepared for a dynamic year!  The cosmic winds will fill your sails in 2017.  The January time period is an important catalyst in this process.  Think of yourself on a calm sea in your boat.  If you know a strong wind is coming to take you to a destination of growth, you should raise the sails in advance of the wind.  The majority of January will feel mundane, but this time will be vital to prepare yourself for the forward movement to come.

Dig deep within the Earth and your soul stoner Gemini.  The sacred herb, a wonderful fruit from Earth will help you see yourself and the necessary steps you must take to reach your goals and positive destination.  Meditative smoke sessions should focus on what destination you would like to arrive at in 2017.  There are no teleportation devices yet stoner Gemini, but knowing your destination will help you see all the steps you must take to complete your arrival.

First, the end of January will be when the sails start to fill with wind and thrust you towards your destination.  But life is not a waiting game.  You must set your sails to take advantage of the warm cosmic winds.  Stoner Gemini you must build your foundation for growth, and then when the time is right you can seize upon the opportunity.  Meditation with the sacred herb will help you see the path, but it must be walked.

The universe will impact your life in so many ways late in January stoner Gemini.  The main warning I have for you is this:  You must have self control.  Aggressive outbursts will not benefit you in preparing for the warm cosmic winds.  See the negative influences around you, and understand that confidence and self-value comes from within.

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