Taurus August 2015

The month of August will be an overall peaceful month for you, Stoner Taurus.  You have an overwhelming support team keeping you out of harm’s way and deflecting any negative energies right now.  Although you will feel an overall sense of contentment, this month will have your energy levels cashed out.

With such low energy levels, don’t set your sights in the sky.  Try to be more realistic.  Take this time to perfect your work and cementing the accomplishments that you’ve already made.  With the creativity boost of a great sativa, you might come up with a more productive process for a current task.  Try to take it easy with the smoke therapy; even sativa can have a way of knocking you down, making you even more sluggish than before when smoked in excess.  Let’s not be hot boxing any offices now 😉

While the planets are protecting you this month, have no doubt that your lover, now more than ever, is your rock, your savior, your serenity.  You will spend a lot of time basking in each other’s glow and love for the other.  The best part is that it will not have to be forced.  There’s nowhere you’d rather be during this time.  It might be a good time for the two of you to escape the rest of the world and just relax.  The connection between the two of you is so strong right now, you won’t need Maryjane to get high!

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