Cancer August 2015

Life force up!  Strength up!  Determination?  Well, my stoner Crab, you will have to rein in all your positivity this last month of summer.  Concentrate all your focus on being in the moment this month.  Keep a hybrid close and lean on your sacred herb as needed for you will be hurdling some pretty heavy life changes this August.

Cancer your working world is asking you a question:  Are you where you want to be?  If so then you need to use your intuition, work ethic and positive notions early in the month.  Any partners or managers will be pleased to see you shining.  Do not allow your enemies to overcome you.  Please note that this is not the month to play fair.   By no means should you purposely go out of your way to damage them, just show your competition up with your superior “know how”.  You will soon see those co-workers disappear off your life map.  If your world of work is daunting and you have no where to move up; it is time to go.  Take some time to meditate with that hybrid on non working hours to decide if a career change is what you want.  If so, move on that decision now.

It is time to bring your relationship with your lover to a new level of understanding.  Do this before mid month and August should be a favorable time for you.  There is a trickster in your personal realm.  Things may look amazing, but be wary of someone trying to play your hand to their own personal satisfaction.  Take heed my dear Crab:  If you do not clear up your personal relations this month the trickster will easily cause you more drama than necessary.  Take time with your favorite cannabis companion to talk this situation out.  They will be your biggest support system.  Make sure you listen to the advice they give you.

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