Sagittarius September 2015

Stoner Sagittarius, this month you may be feeling elated, like nothing can bring you down…and you’re probably right.  September brings for you a period when you are more than allowed to embrace your inner Zen.  With summer dwindling, it is recommended that you enjoy this time outside.  While the days are growing shorter, your list of things you want to do keeps growing.  Allow yourself to stay active and you will be able to complete more of that list than you expected.  Find a new smoke spot, or place to watch the sunset, or even better–find a spot where you can enjoy both!  But it’s not all easy riding, Sagittarius, do not neglect your physical body while your mind is keeping you so active.

Apply this same focus to your place of work and you will be able to see your results almost immediately.  When deciding what to tackle next, do not be too hasty.  You have the skills needed to accomplish all of your to-dos as long as you get the timing right.  It is probably best to keep the herb safely at home.  Your care and attention that you give to your work will get noticed, so it may better to get noticed for the big ups and not the ‘highs’.

Remember that there is a difference between being relaxed and being lax.  Don’t let your focus be distracted from the home life.  If you are lucky enough to get to pass the peace-pipe around to loved ones, pay attention to how they’re feeling.  It can be easy to overlook others’ emotions, but your abilities to notice the details can have great benefits to both you and those around you.

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