Capricorn September 2015

Capricorn stoner, negative solar headwinds will continue to obstruct your pursuit of happiness in September.  Last month was a tough month because of previous decisions and actions that you had made.  Problems came at you like glass shards from a broken pipe.  The source of September’s negativity is not your fault.  The fault is in the stars my smoking goat, and there is nothing you can do about it, especially blame yourself.

Unfortunately, “negative solar headwinds” paints a warm and light picture for your September journey.  September will be more like walking through a field of landmines.  You cannot do anything to avoid this field, and you must walk through it.  This will be a bleak and challenging time for the stoner Capricorn.  There is one defensive weapon that you possess that will help you make it through the celestial land mines of September, strength.

You can make it through this month unscathed by harnessing all of your strength.  The sacred herb will be like a shield for the Capricorn.  Prepare yourself with spiritual meditation.  All of your strength will be required to take the hits from the land mines.  Strength in emotions, physical stamina, and mental acuity must be built up and harnessed to make it through September.

I don’t like delivering these warnings to you stoner Capricorn.  Challenging periods like this will help you appreciate the periods of free flowing positivity.  Be strong my fellow cannabis companion.  

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