Libra Stoner Horoscope December

Libra Stoner Horoscope December

Stoner Libra, you pride yourself in your contemplative, calculated, and at times, cautious approach to navigating your way through the cosmos. But, if there is anything the past year has shown you, it is that even the most meticulous preparations cannot prevent the universe from throwing a stem in those sticky plans.

So, during the final days of 2021, allow yourself to light up, and let go, of your usual inhibitions. This December is a time for tokin’ up and taking chances, my balanced stoner Libra. Take the road less traveled, or blaze new trails of your own, far from the beaten path!

However, this more adventurous attitude is not a license for poor decision making. You’ll know when something is too far out of the norm, and just probably isn’t a good idea. If you’re having a tough time deciding how to proceed, take time to think on it and toke on it with the sacred herb.  Make sure the smoke has cleared before you make your next move.

Stoner Libra, this month, it is truly the season of Sativa. Allow the sacred vapors of these stimulating varieties of sensemilla to inspire, elevate, and expand your mind. Sticking to a consistent regiment of more uplifting cannabis strains will help you think more creatively, and drive your ambitions to embark upon new adventures.  This cannabis prescription will also give you the energy and motivation to actually get out there and do it!

Although for many December is the time for gift giving and presents, your focus should be on experiences. Now is the time to speak up at work, and share the out-of-the-box idea you’ve always thought would increase efficiency.  That stoner genius you were worried your coworkers would think was half-baked, but it might be weird enough to work.

And while you are busy treating others to gifts on their wishlists, don’t forget to treat yourself. Splurge a little and get those high-octane, top-shelf buds!  Spark up a bowl, and pick up the book you’ve been wanting to read.  Or catch up on that show everyone has been raving about.  Maybe break out the art supplies, and unleash the inner creativity you’ve been hiding from the world!

Stoner Libra, if you do find that this new adventurous version of yourself is too much for you to handle, you can always hit reset at the New Year, and get back to your perfectly balanced self.

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