Leo Stoner Horoscope December

Leo Stoner Horoscope December

Stoner Leo the hazy days of 2021 are coming to a close.  As with many points during this chaotic year, December will ring true:  You need to find your inner chill my proud Lion.

Celestial influence in the first Winter month will bring cosmic winds of obsession and conflict.  But with the sacred herb you can find the chill to smooth the edges of obsession and resolve any conflict.

Of all the stoner star signs, you stoner Leo have a higher proclivity for aesthetics.  In December this proclivity could turn into obsession.  As with all things, we must strike balance within our terrestrial mission.

Seek out a balanced hybrid cannabis strain to bring the theme of balance into the sphere of aesthetics.  Don’t dwell.  Don’t knit pick.  Don’t obsess.  Instead, seek appreciation and love for self within the positive caring habits associated with your cosmic spacesuit.  A balanced cannabis copilot can assist with a broader perspective to see beyond the intensity of the moment.

Stoner Leo, if conflict is avoided before it happens, does conflict exist at all?  There is a bitter tinge to the planetary alignment this month that will create barriers to smooth communication.  However, with foreknowledge, and a little assistance from our green goddess of guidance, conflict from these barriers can easily become detours of solution.

Use the sacred herb to find empathy in communication with your cannabis companions.  Fly high above the terrestrial stage to see that points of disagreement do not need to become points of conflict.  Leave the debating for another time stoner Leo.  Find your stoney inner chill this month.

The next level to conflict resolution is conflict avoidance!

Take time early in the month to toke a moment to self with the sacred herb.  Find your headphones, your daily driver, and a little bit of bud.  Listen to “End of the Line” by The Traveling Wilburys.

Chill stoner Leo, choose the blessed path.

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