Libra August 2015

Stoner Libra, the month of August may be crippling to your standard ebb and flow of gracefully coasting through life.  Although minor problems in public settings may seem to repel from you, larger ones are smoldering beneath the surface.  You will lack a large supply of energy, but you have enough to be able to handle and effectively resolve any of these issues as they come.  The lessons you gain from this could potentially be life changing in a positive way.  Keep your sights set on the future and remember:  “This too shall pass”.

Don’t expect any amazing accomplishments or rewards in the workplace.  Use your energy wisely, as supply is limited.  I recommend you use that same strategy when it comes to the herb.  Keep a one-hitter around for emergencies, but I would try to keep the leisurely smoking to a minimum.  You need to keep your mind clear of the fog.  You might find yourself seriously questioning your life purpose and career path at this time, so it’s important that you be intuitive and pay attention to what your heart is telling you.

You may also start experiencing issues with your partner.  You are already mentally drained, so try to avoid turning the small disagreements into catastrophic situations in which you can not come back from.  Do your best to listen.  If you are unsure how to react, maybe you should seek the advice of a trusted friend.  Just like your career, it may be time to sit back and ask yourself, “what the hell am I doing?”.   Stoner Libra, you are destined for great things, you just have to figure out what that is.   Time is ticking.

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