Leo September 2016

Stoner Leo, this blissful period you have been enjoying is destined to continue into the month of September.  However, all cosmic road signs may not be giving you the correct directional information.  In the first half of September, the cosmic signs will be confusing and may not point in the direction you think they should go.  Trust in yourself and the universe stoner Leo.  Your energy and desire will keep you on the correct path that ultimately lead to smoother roads.

Productivity in the workplace has the potential to be amazing in September.  The stars are aligned for this to be true, but once again stoner Leo, you may not see the path clearly ahead of you.  Meditation with the sacred herb in the beginning of the month will help you carve your productive path.  Find an old faithful strain that inspires creativity.  Make sure you are in a space that can be a conduit for creativity when you sesh with cannabis companions.  There may be no immediate impact of these sessions, but there are actions and currents of repercussions flowing under the surface.  If you work for the man, be sure to engage with your coworkers.  They will be key to your success.  A team working towards a common goal is a powerful thing.  Lead them.

The period of calm blissful waters will continue for the stoner Leo in September.  Give yourself up to the universe and your loved ones.  Swimming in these waters is easy without a floatation device.  All you need to achieve happiness and adventure is inside of you.  Focus on trust and compassion to achieve the love you desire.

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